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Posted on: January 18, 2012

I was going to do a tanning lotion review.
Hemp2 10x Bronzer.
Who am I kidding though? I’m never very tan. I don’t want to be tan. I like being white. It makes my tattoos show up better.
I do not like being ghost white though so when winter is here like now I do pop into the sun bed for 10 minutes once every week or so to make sure I don’t start to glow with whiteness.

hemp2 bronzer for tanning

I work in a hair salon. One with a tanning salon attached. They sell about a million different tanning products.
O.K. more like a hundred, but it is a lot no matter how you count it.
This is the stuff I like and one of the most popular with the other girls too.
It goes on nice, it doesn’t burn me, and my little ten minute sessions every week or every other week keep me from glowing when I use it.
It is a hemp product.
I’m pro hemp products. We carry about a dozen tanning products with hemp at the salon. It does your skin good.

What it says on Amazon – Hemp2 10x Bronzer Ultra Dark Tanning Lotion W/ Hemp 9oz 10x bronzer – Ten times the darkest color Hemp seed oil – superb skin moisturizer Skin firming – Helps improve appearance of skin

2009 Hemp2 10x Bronzer Ultra Dark Tanning Lotion w/ Hemp 9oz
Good stuff!

Sinfully sweet!

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