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Ever have a really good g-spot orgasm to the point you see stars and feel funny afterwards?
I get them on rare occasions. They leave me with legs shaking and I feel body heavy.
I sometimes actually feel a bit stoned after a really good one.

Usually I am an all external vibrations girl. At least I am a usually external vibrations girl. Clitoral stimulation does the trick for me, but it is nice to switch things up too.
I can get by with most any small clit vibe if it has power. I have my favorites, but most can do the trick.
Internal vibrations are different. I don’t cum from internal stimulation as well. It can be a bonus if I am buzzing outside too, but that is usually the only way to get a good orgasm when going inside with a vibrator.
Getting a true G-spot orgasm is even trickier. I really have to search around to find that perfect spot.
Check out the Berman Venus G Vibe!
It is like a G-spot dagger with orgasm being it’s target.

toasty feeling after an orgasm that melts my brain

This g-spot magic wand may not be much to look at, but I think that is why it works.
You just slide it on in and search about until you get your target. I am at about 90% success rate with this simple sex tool for finding my G.
My theory is that the sex toy makers have tried so damn hard to make stuff fancy that they forget simple can do it best sometimes.
This simple tool is 9 inches long with just enough of a curve at the end to let you get it right where you need it.
It isn’t thick at all. Lay it across a ruler and it looks like about an inch. The ridges I guess could be fun for thrusting, but I haven’t used this vibrator in a way that they really make a difference.
The purple stuff is smooth silicone so you can bleach it clean if you catch your friend with it in the bathroom.
That was a joke, but I have on more than one occasion caught people messing around with my toys without permission.
It takes two triple A batteries to power it, and they last a good while in it.
That is about it.
Long story short, there isn’t much to say about this except it is a great sex tool to get your G-spot.
If you can’t find your G-spot, and you are more of a clitty viber like myself, then I would go as far to say it may be the best G-spot discovery tool I have ever had the pleasure to play with.

You can get the Berman Venus G Vibrator at Babeland Sex Toys

get it here

Sinfully sweet!

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