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I’m using this post to show off my hair, but the Picobong KiKi vibe is my excuse for the post.
I don’t have any cool stories to tell about using this little thing yet, but I can say it is a fun little vibe.

fun pink vibe

I like the cuteness of it first off. It is silicone with a hard plastic cap on the back. Mine is pink, but it also comes in a nice blue color too.
All Picobong vibes have 12 different vibration patterns and multiple speeds. That is a lot of options in a pocket-sized vibrator that you can take anyplace.
I am simple though and have just been using it on a steady middle of the road regular vibe setting.
All Picobong vibes have a 2-button interface that is easy to use. That is good because if it gets complicated it ruins the fun. I hate when a vibrator has so many buttons it is like figuring out a remote control for a combo Blu-Ray, dvd, TV, stereo, game system.
This toy is also submersible so it is good for the bath.
The shape is really nice too. The flat part at the end is good for applying pressure and if you use just the tip you can get super targeted.
I guess this vibe would be fine to insert, but I haven’t used it that way.

So, that is my sex toy talk of the day.
More pictures of my fabulously fun hairdo are coming your way tomorrow.


If only it said RockettZ

it is a cute pink pocket rocket vibrator

You know I love my Pocket Rockets.
This one is extra cool because it actually says “Pocket Rocket” in a style that reminds me of both cartoons and toys. I don’t know why the font reminds me of that, but it does, and I like it.
It is also PINK!
Pink just makes it more fun.

close up of the pink pocket rocket

Pocket Rockets are my favorite toys. They are low cost, easy to clean, and they do the trick.
They almost never break, and they pretty much all take just one AA battery. I hate having to buy expensive or hard to find batteries for my vibrators.
Besides the looks of this pocket rocket there isn’t anything that makes it stand out from all the others, but as you all know I think looks are important and pink kicks ass.

This pocket rocket is 4 inches long, it has average power for a pocket rocket style vibe, it is made of hard plastic, comes with a little studded cover or tip attachment if you want to call it that, and has lasted through many uses by both myself and one other person without problems.
In general that makes it a very average pocket rocket, which makes sense because it is also barely above the mid-point price wise as far as pocket rockets go.

I have found that when buying a pocket rocket you are in general getting less rattle and a smoother buzz the higher up the price ladder you climb. Besides that your just paying for the looks.

My only bitch about this one would be that it isn’t waterproof.
I don’t usually use this sort of toy in the bath or shower anyway, but it is nice to have the option.

This Pocket Rocket is available at Good vibes.

for the sake of being sexy with my pocket rocket

This last picture is totally unneeded for review purposes, but I am not a paid reviewer anyway and mostly buy my own toys, get them as gifts, or snag them from my friends, so I am allowed to deviate as much as I want from what is considered a normal review.
The reason for this picture is simply because I am an attention whore and like pictures of myself.
I’m not really sure if that is completely true, but I can’t think of a better excuse. I think my 2 top reasons for talking about sex toys may actually be 1) to talk about sex toys 2) to have a reason to post pictures of myself.
I also love to share great toys so people don’t buy crap, but do I need pictures at all to do that?
If I do need pictures, wouldn’t one like the second picture be enough?
Nah, screw that. I’m all about being an internet exhibitionist.

Signing out, Hasta la vista, baby

This was my last Pocket Rockets post.
Pocket RockettZ on pocket rockets HNT
I did it as a Half Nekkid Thursday post and talked about being addicted to Pocket Rockets.

*pouty face*

death from sex toy sad review picture

I hurt my kitty

As a general rule I only review products on my blog that I actually like.
I have decided to break my rule for this toy because I think a public service announcement is necessary.
This toy needs a warning label to be printed big and bold on the box that says “Warning: Not for use if you have any inner labia at all!”

This very cute looking toy is evil.
It tried to kill my kitty, but only succeeded in causing me some pain.
Yes, the Divine Inspiration hurt my kitty.

Catch the name of this toy? “Divine Inspiration”
The inspiration must have come from some very evil-minded woman-hater.

I must admit that it was all my fault though, because I had been warned.
My possession of this toy came about after rummaging through a box of “junk toys” at a friend’s house. It was pretty, unique, and had cool designs on it.
I asked what it was, and was told “it is a piece of shit pussy eater.”
My curiosity was piqued and I asked what was wrong with it.
I was told that it was a rotating vibrator and it tangled her labia all up.
Hmm, curiosity killed the cat they say.
In my case it just hurt my kitty.

I had this idea that a rotating vibe would be fun.
My mind told me that since both my inner and outer labia are smaller than average it would be fun.
I should have listened to my friend.

That night when I went to bed I took this toy with me.

dont let the looks fool you its a death toy

Don't let the pretty looks fool you!

At first I put just a bit of lube on it and tried to use it from a side angle like a Sqweel.
Sliquid Sqweel Oral Sex Simulator
Just didn’t do much in that direction, so I went for it straight on.
Sure enough, it tried to yank at my lips.
I decided I needed more lube and tried it again. Good for a minute, but then it started yanking again.
I added massive amounts of lube and went for it once more. It was kind of cool feeling, but then the lube started sticking up and the thing tried to rip my lips off!
Fucking evil toy!
It rotates both directions with the push of a button.
It doesn’t vibrate without rotation. It just plain sucks.
Maybe if you have no labia at all this would be fun. I’m small though and it tried to eat me.

You have been warned!

So now that I have told you how wonderful the toy works I will tell you another problem I found.
When you look at the picture you can see that the top spinning part and the lower handle have a crack between them.
The top spinning part is silicone and the handle is hard plastic.
After I was done abusing myself with the evil sex toy I went to clean off all the lube.
In that crack was a ton of the stuff.
I wasn’t to worried about breaking the thing, but I didn’t want to because I have a friend with one of those total inny type kitties and thought maybe she would like it.
Still, I couldn’t get the silicone off without ripping it.
I pulled at it and there ended up lube under it too.
This thing is impossible to clean.
Dirty sex toys equal infections. Toys you can’t clean well equal dirty toys.
So whoever invented this thing obviously wanted to make sure that if it didn’t rip your labia off, you would at least get rotten crotch.

I’m wondering what the people at Cal Exotics had in mind when they let this one through.
Cal Exotics is a big company and knows their stuff when it comes to sex toys.
Even so they made a whole line of them. 3 to be exact. I won’t be trying the other two.

If you are tempted as I was to give the evil toy a try, and it tries to eat your kitty, just remember that I warned you.

For all you seekers of punishment out there, you can get it here.

First let me explain why I am not made up, am exposing grow out,  and am dressed like I was gardening.
I was.
I had the day off and was picking berries, but got called in to work.
It was supposed to be just 2 easy appointments so it was only going to be about an hour and I just didn’t have time to do my hair or makeup.

Two fast cuts.
First one took about 15 minutes.
Next guy showed up and it turned out I knew him.
Sorta knew him really. He was a friend of a friend and I had met him a few times.
My friend had told him i was a masturbation addict the last time I had seen him and I had admitted I was.
Loose lips when alcohol is involved.
So while cutting his hair he asked about it. I decided to be honest and just go with the conversation.
Eventually he asked if I ever masturbated while at work. I told him I did whenever I had the chance.
The guy was bold and good-looking. His boldness made him tell me he wanted to watch. His being good-looking made me wet and say o.k.

After I finished his hair I took him in the back storage room.
I told him he could take pictures with his cell phone, but I had to approve them after. He agreed.

I had a really cool toy with me.
The Rebel Toyfriend.
This thing is tiny and almost silent.
Smooth silicone with a perfect knob on the end to find your G-Spot.
I love it!

There is a big cushion in the back storage room that just kinda sits in a corner for no reason.
I am in charge of the back room btw.
I laid myself down on it and went to work.

masterbation at work with my Rebel Toyfriend

It doesn’t take me long to cum.
I’m not sure how long of a show he was expecting, but the whole shebang took about 4 or 5 minutes.
I was nervous and anxious because I was doing it in front of a stranger, but I was also very excited from it.

afraid to pull my shorts down to masturbate with the toy

The Rebel Toyfriend is great for G-Spot as i mentioned, but I couldn’t do that with my pants on, and I chickened out about pulling my shorts off and exposing myself in front of him.
I wanted to do it, but for some reason I was not brave enough.
I used my toyfriend as a clitoral vibe only.
That is my normal way of masturbation anyways, so it was just fine.

The whole experience was hot.
I watched his face almost the entire time.
He was very into it.

the little rebel toyfriend got me off and left me blushed

Afterwards he spoke and his voice caught in his throat. That made me almost cum again. It was cool knowing I could have such an effect on someone without even getting naked or touching them.

One time thing though.
He is cute, but not my type.
I have to mention that he gave me a $50 and wouldn’t take change back on his $19 clipper cut.
Nice tip for something I would have done anyway once he had walked out the door.

The toy (This is a sex toy review)
The Rebel. A Toyfriend Mini.
Borrowed not owned. (I want my own)
Black, sleek, and sexy.
Just a fraction over 5″ in length.
It is sneaky quite for clandestine meetings at any time of the day.

The Rebel comes with a clear plastic base to stand it up on your nightstand if you are lucky enough to not have to hide sex toys at home.
You can get it in pink or black.
It is coated with firm silk-like silicone.
It will make your knees shake.
You can get your own Rebel here.
I have not tried any of the other Toyfriend Mini vibes, but I hope to eventually.
I also really want to try a Toyfriend Double. They look so inviting.

If anybody from ToyFriend reads this I would be happy to review your Doubles. 😀

Hope you all enjoyed my gardening look!

Babeland can fulfill your Toyfriend Mini cravings.

Here I am
And you’re a Rocket Queen
I might be a little young
But honey I ain’t naïve
Here I am
And you’re a Rocket Queen, oh yeah
I might be too much
But honey you’re a bit obscene

pocket rocket vibe and my tummy

Rocket Queen

I’ve seen everything imaginable
Pass before these eyes
I’ve had everything that’s tangible
Honey you’d be surprised
I’m a sexual innuendo
In this burned out paradise
If you turn me on to anything
You better turn me on tonight

Pocket rocket vibrator in silver
Pocket Rockets Rock

Happy HNT
Clicky the button to find out about
half nekkid thursday

I am the Rocket Queen.

I became addicted to this exact style of vibrator the first time I got ahold of one.
They are simple and powerful. They are easy to clean and last forever.
These great little buzzing beauties take regular batteries and don’t suck up the battery life to fast.
Small enough to go anyplace, but not so small it is hard to hold onto.
In short, what we have here is the perfect clitty vibe.
On a budget?
I have bought pocket rockets of this type for under $10 many times.
Want luxury?
I have seen them in gold with real jewels.
Need silence? Most of them in the mid priced range can hardly be heard.
Want to play in water? They are usually waterproof once you crack the $20 price range.
Do I love these vibes? I do!

I always have one with me. I never leave home without a pocket rocket.
I am the Rocket Queen!

The pocket rocket vibe I am showing off is a lower cost, hard plastic model made by Doc Johnson Enterprises.
It is waterproof, has a single speed dial to turn it on and off at the base, and is shiny.
I like shiny things. They make me feel sexy.
This vibe takes just 1 AA battery, and has lasted a full two months for me on the last battery.
That is a lot of use in my hands because as I mentioned, I’m addicted to these things.
This little guy gets used daily.
To be honest I am not exactly sure where this puppy came from, but I went looking around and decided to point you towards the Pocket Rockets on Amazon They have a great selection ranging in price from super low to mid level and they even have the Bzzz Buddies pocket vibes. Fun!

Sinfully sweet!

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