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I sometimes buy wigs and cut them up.
Well, actually I do it all the time.
This wig was short when I bought it, but I figured it needed a bit of Pocket RockettZ pizzaz to it. My shears did their magic and pow-bang-bi-zap, I have a great new style to sport.

Punky wig and a strange blue vibrator - What is more cool - The strange vibrator or my wig?

What is more cool - The strange vibrator or my wig?

 First thing said to me at work was “Don’t cut your hair.”
I like it though.

The vibe. It is called the Flirty G.
It is soft and bendable in just the right way. It is made of thermo plastic rubber

It is a smaller toy and fits me just right. Little bumpy things rub my nub perfectly when I am using it and they feel just wonderful.
I especially liked the bumpy nubs with a lot of lube. I will say that if you’re in the mood for a messy session of Jillin’ off this vibrator is perfect for it.

The part that goes inside is supposed to hit your g-spot and if your one of those lucky girls that can find their g-spot without problems maybe this toy will do it.
I’m not one of those girls. I don’t expect a g-vibe to change that though, so I wasn’t disappointed that it didn’t give me any G force orgasms.
The “Flirty G did give me a whole bunch of regular orgasms though.
The part you use internally is just three inches long. If you want BIG then this toy isn’t for you.

fun punky nails and a strange blue vibrator

Note the nails

The vibration power on this thing surprised me. I was expecting it to be run of the mill  because it looks like a starter vibe. It isn’t expensive and it isn’t flashy so it should not be powerful by my way of thinking.

Nine different settings in total between the vibe speeds and pulse patterns with the strongest ones being just to that point of almost too much. I did say almost.
I wouldn’t say this is a mega motor vibe, but it’s as strong as I need in the vibes department.
The vibes are controlled by a button on the end. It doesn’t need pushed very hard, but isn’t so sensitive that once you find the feeling your after it can get bumped and change on you.
I was able to change it up at will no problems with slippery lubed up hands.
Very lubed up hands because of wanting the extra lube for the little bumpy things.

I have used this vibrator three separate times now with a grand total of eleven orgasms to show for it. That makes me say “Thank you weird-looking blue vibrator.”

Flirty G Waterproof G-spot Vibrator
Insertable part of vibe is 3” x 1”
Free of phthalates
Uses two AAA batteries
Low cost
Strong vibrations
Makes me cum
Cleans up easy in the sink with regular soap
Has really nice bumpy things that help tease the kitty
Wasn’t to big
You can only get it at Good Vibrations

Sinfully sweet!

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